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    Michael Reil2016-03-26Cost Estimator716-632-3840Mreil54@aol.com
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    Halina Biernacki, M.B.A.2016-02-23Quality Administrator: Executive skill set in Communication, Financial, Stratgic Leadership with bottom line improvement and Motivating Personnel.716-683-6238htb2345@gmail.com     
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    Mark Winstel716-983-8003markwinstel1@gmail.com
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    Christopher E Shults1970-01-017168371560cshults570@gmail.comExperienced professional with a strong track record of meeting deadlines on high-impact projects that have helped my accounts win awards in their industry, increase brand equity, and overall revenue. I have excelled in this capacity by gaining a complete and intimate understanding of client organizations and their goals, bringing together colleagues from various backgrounds and disciplines to develop a plan of action and then working together as a team to execute the plan and exceed project goals.  
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    Amy C. Chambers, Esq.1970-01-01Attorney---------ac.chambers@roadrunner.com
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    Andrew Dorogi1970-01-01Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Systems Engineer716-288-6412andorogi@yahoo.com
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    Dan Mulhern
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